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Our values

Tradition: This is the basis of our formula. 

Quality: This is our productive reality

Originality: constant innovation and development

Specialization: it is the result of knowledge and experience in the development of our products.


Rosita Food Spain S.L. It has its beginnings in the 40s in the city of Córdoba, Spain, when grandmother Rosita created the churro formulas in a completely handmade way.

Rafael, Rosita’s son, will be the one who in 1962 starts up the first business that would be called “Churrería Rosita”, thus preserving the name of the creator of his recipes and his family tradition.

Currently, it is Rafael Jr. who, after learning the trade and becoming the 3rd generation of churreros in the family, decides to revolutionize the world of churros by applying the 5 range concept, transforming a family and local business into a family business without borders located in Vilassar de Mar.


The evolution of the company was not easy, but in 2008 the activity began in l’Ametlla del Vallès in a small industrial warehouse with a manual production line.


It was in 2019 when the company decided to move to the town of Vilassar de Mar, to a much larger industrial warehouse that would allow the application of the new technology developed by Rafael Jr himself, which would allow working with automated production processes focused on achieving of the proposed challenges.


Today and after having experienced a tough situation, like many companies, due to COVID-19, Rosita Food Spain S.L. strives to become a benchmark in the national and international market, being able to cover the great needs and volumes of the different markets thanks to its great productive and adaptation capacity.

Our clients, our reason for being!

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