We are third generation churro makers. Our tradition has its origin in Cordoba which is where grandmother Rosita created her own churro and porra recipes. Rafael, Rafa’s father, still uses these recipes today. Original Churros retains the essence of the original recipes. However, we have evolved to a 5th level without sacrificing quality or tradition. Our products can now be kept frozen for up to a year and, as a result, can be enjoyed whenever.
The Original Churros team aspire to make the churro a reference in Spanish gastronomic culture and to open a range of new possibilities. We hope to develop our recipes in a revolutionary manner.

That the ingredients used in our products contribute to a healthy diet.
Our most valued business principles are:
Tradition - the basis for our recipes
Speciality - the result of our knowledge and experience in making these products
Quality - both a principle and a reality of our production process
Originality - constant innovation and development of different recipes with tradtional roots





Sweet churro (to be filled)

Sweet churro (to be filled)

The perfect snack for people with a sweet tooth. They can be used in a wide variety of ways and professionals will experiment to find their perfect combination.
They are made using wheat flour, water, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
One kilo consists of 15 pieces each weighing 65 grammes.

Look: hollow, fluted, golden tubes
Smell: mild virgin olive oil
Touch: crispy flutes
Sound: crunchy
Taste: a balanced hand-made flavour

Savoury churro (to be filled)

Savoury churro (to be filled)

This is our own small contribution to culinary culture. Chefs can use them as the base for a dish and then add their own personal touch. There are endless possibilities for both sweet as well as savoury combinations.
They facilitate a fusion between tradition and innovation.
They are made using wheat flour, water, salt, and extra virgin olive oil.
A kilo contains up to 15 pieces each weighing about 65 grams.

Look: hollow, fluted, golden tubes
Smell: mild virgin olive oil
Touch: crispy flutes
Sound: crunchy
Taste: a high quality hand-crafted product for the most demanding of palates


After making the dough or the baked goods, the heat treatment process ensures the elimination of potential pathogens. It also preserves the original nutritional characteristics of the products making them difficult to distinguish from items which have been freshly made. By limiting food handling time, potential hygiene risks are greatly reduced.

Para garantizar la calidad resulta imprescindible cumplir las instrucciones de almacenamiento en refrigeración y modos de uso, así como las fechas de consumo. Tras su regeneración es recomendables que el consumo se efectúe en el mismo día.

To guarantee quality it is essential to comply with the instructions regarding refrigerated storage, usage and expiry dates. We recommend that out products are consumed on the day that they have been reheated.


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